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20 Random Facts About Me

August 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Just sharing a little bit about me 😉

#1 When I was little I wanted to be an actress, teacher or a police officer. Now, there is NO WAY I would be any of those things.

#2 I am terrified of frogs. Like I will cry, freeze or run. I can’t deal!

#3 I love Friends and Mike & Molly – I can watch reruns of those shows over and over.

#4 I have a real birth date and the one on my birth certificate. I celebrate the one of all my legal documents but on my real birth date (almost a whole month prior) I treat myself!

#5 My favorite holidays are Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love celebrating all the wonderful things we should be thankful for, the birth of Jesus and the silliness that comes with Halloween.

#6 I believe in paranormal activity, ghosts, entities, spirits, etc. I have had my share of events that have convinced me.

#7 I have no real eye color – I’ve asked my optometrist and it is a mix of hazel and green with a tad of grey.

#8 I met my husband when I was 19 years old. Yeah, we have been together for most of our lifetime. (He was 26 and lied about his age by one year so I’d go out with him, like 25 was not older? haha)

#9 I have never been a bridesmaid…..I know right? WTF I would be a blast to have in a bridal party!!!!

#10 I love reading. I stopped for a while when the kids were small and have started up again. There is nothing better than a good book for me.

#11 I love to laugh, to make others laugh. Laughter can cure many things my friends.

#12 I do not know how to swim, I have a phobia of drowning.

#13 I cry at all weddings. There is just such a sweetness about them. Love is such a wonderful emotion and I love when I see that in the couple. Although I never wanted a big wedding and ended up being so stressed over planning that my husband and I eloped to Vegas with our best friends.

#14 I have super curly hair which I have always battled with and straighten out but now that my daughter (who also has curly hair) starting asking if I could straighten hers too I have started to embrace my curls. The last thing I want is to give her an insecurity.

#15 I studied Latin in high school and while I can’t have a conversation I can tell what many words are. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian too.

#16 I can’t play a sport…..like not one. But I’ve always wanted to learn to play softball or basketball.

#17 I always wanted to have a son and a daughter now I have two of each, a son named Jacob and a German Shepherd named Zeus and a daughter named Emily and a Shih Tzu named Chloe.

#18 I curse more than I should or want to…..it’s not pretty but sometimes necessary.

#19 I love forensics- shows about it, articles, etc. It’s so fascinating!

#20 I am a huge cry baby when it comes to stories about human kindness or children. I come off as a tough cookie but am a softy in the inside.




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