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Running late, can you relate?

July 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

With everything we all have going on in our lives who hasn't ran late at some point? Sometimes it is life occurrences and other times its just procrastination on our part. This post is a perfect example of that. I blog on the first Sunday of every month but I have been so busy that I ended up blogging a week later. Well friends, when it comes to your photo session day I have learned a thing or two about how to avoid running late which may help. So here are tips for avoiding being late to your photo session:


1) Outfits: needless to say plan these in advance. This should include trying the entire ensemble on - yes with shoes, socks, undergarments, jewelry, etc. It may seem like an unnecessary step but trust me, 9 out of 10 calls or text I receive from clients running late is due to wardrobe malfunctions. It can be the little ones or mom (since we are often thinking of the kids we fail to really put a lot of effort on ourselves). Sometimes it is an outfit we assumed fit a little one. Or couples who chose their outfits without seeing how these two actually look together once they are on. Try it all on, trust me - it is worth the time.


2) Backups: have a back up outfit for little ones. They are active and curious by pretty much everything around them. And while I always commence with the family shot it is often desired to capture some solo shots of little ones. By that point your little one may have ruined the perfect outfit that you cautiously put together for him or her. Prevent an accident ruining a shoot by having a backup outfit for their solo shots which, based on my experience, is usually the one needing replacement. For non family shoots (e.g. couples) have an extra top just in case. I have had a few clients notice a stain or a rip and while these often can be fixed via editing once you know it is there it will bug you.  


3) Necessities: have anything you think you may need. For example: wipes for sticky hands/faces, lip balm for dry lips for males/females alike, makeup for touch ups, lotion for arms and legs (my kid is notorious for having dry knees), water and a snack (kids or adults - no one wants to smile patiently while thirsty or hungry), hair spray (this is the most asked about item by clients, sometimes I have a sample but other times I forget) and toys for little ones - maybe even a reward for smiles (yes, good ol bribes work and I rather you select the snack then I offering something you/your child's diet may not approve of).


4) Time: tell yourself the session is 15 minutes prior to the actual time. Silly you say? Try it. I always tell myself sessions are 30 minutes prior so that I can arrive early. Those of you who have worked with me know that may just be 5-10 minutes early...which therefore made me late to my fake time!


Hope this helps you all when preparing for your sessions.






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