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To all the moms in the place with style and grace!

May 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I heard once someone say that being a mom should not be considered an accomplishment but I disagree. Perhaps to grow a human and give birth to him/her may not be seen an accomplishment, especially when the child is not kept, raised or even cared for but being a mom and raising them is. Being someone who your child depends on, trust, knows that she will love and protect him or her no matter what, who listens, cares, guides, comforts, someone who they know would give up her life in a second for them, who sacrifices whatever is needed just for them. Loving another human being more than you love yourself and having your life depend on making them happy, providing for them and helping them become great people THAT is an accomplishment because sadly not all women who give birth accomplish that. It takes a lot of sleepless nights, worried wrinkles, and stomach aches but also a lot of happy tears, a joy so big it makes your heart skip a beat, a love so strong that it amazes you how much you can love and adore these little humans. So yes, it is an accomplishment to be a mom, one that your kids are happy to have, that they see as a super mom, one that they are thankful for. So I am happy to accomplish being the kind of mom who isn’t perfect but whom her kids say I love you and mean it. Kids who say they are happy I am their mom.

So, this Sunday I will be celebrating the blessing of being a mom and the wonderful luck of being my kids' mom. To all you moms sacrificing everything for your kids, loving them, caring and protecting them - Happy Mother’s Day. To the have it all together moms, the losing their sh*t moms, the tired moms, the energized moms, the single moms, the moms with a helpful partner, the rich moms, the poor moms, the ones who gave birth to their children and the ones who gave their hearts even if not birth. It takes a lot to be a mom so today and everyday - may you be appreciated, thanked and acknowledged for all you do. To my mom, regardless of our relationship - thank you for all you sacrificed for my siblings and I. It was not easy and I just wish it would have been easier for you…you deserved better. I love you.


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