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Loved your images, now what?

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I overheard a conversation today by two women talking about the family portraits they each took over the holidays. They praised their respective photographers and talked about where they took them and the outfits they chose. Then one of them says "yeah I loved the photos but thought 'I am not printing them all to put them in my home - there are not enough walls' you know?".......actually I do! I thought about how at one point I too thought the exact same thing, even during my first year as a photographer. I didn't print all of the images I took of my children, I would need triple the wall space if not more. Want to know a little secret? I still don't print all the images I take. Sure, I have framed images in my home as well as lovely canvases but I don't display all of the images.


So, now you may be thinking "so she is saying taking photos is a waste of money- right?"- wrong. Taking portraits be it with loved ones, friends or family is never a waste of money. You are investing in something that can't be bought ever again - a frozen memory. A chance to relive that period in your life over and over again. That is something you can't place a value on. But after paying for the photographer to take these lovely photos you are left to ponder what to do with the images. I wanted to share with you some ideas on what I do with images I take of my family and friends.


1) Create image books - for example Instagram Image Books. This is such a cool idea for not only your professional images but your own "artistic" shots. You can mix in professional shots with your regular day to day to make them your own. These are perfect as gifts or just to have in your home/office/purse.


2) Create "Yearbooks". Every January create a hardcover book via your favorite professional online lab with the past years favorite images. Title the book by the year and your family's name or a significant event that occurred that year.


3) Create a calendar with each month consisting of one or more of the images you had taken. I offer clients a year calendar with their favorite image in an 8x10 print during the holidays. This is perfect for the office and serves a double purpose - displays your favorite image and gives you a calendar.


I hope these little ideas help with getting you all thinking outside the "print and frame" box.






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