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Class of 2018 - how are ya?!

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What an exciting time for all you seniors, be it High School or College. It's an exciting event and you may want to capture the moment. Seniors are so fun to photograph! I always do my best to make them feel comfortable and at ease so they can be themselves in front of the camera. I am now scheduling senior sessions until May 2018. Most of March & April is full so if interested in a session please contact me as soon as possible to schedule that.


To help you with schedule or planning your session here are the top five questions that I often get regarding senior shoots :


Q: What should I wear?

A: I guess this is where I tell you exactly what to wear right? Wrong - while I can suggest a color scheme no one knows your style like YOU. I encourage multiple outfits (2-4) and incorporating special interest items such as favorite book, club indicator, sport item, etc. You want your senior photos to be of you, and remind you of your high school years right? I reach out to seniors prior to a session to ask what they are wearing and then I suggest locations based on style. To put it in simple terms: wear the outfits that make you feel amazing! I understand parents/guardians may want you in a formal dress ladies or button up shirt and tie fellas which may not be your style. So be sure to incorporate your style with additional outfits.


Q: Should I have my hair and makeup professionally done?

A: Depends. Remember that these are your images. If you want them to be you at your best then just spruce up your look like your usually do for a nice occasion. If you want to be totally glam then go ahead and have your makeup and hair done, why not? It is all up to you.


Q: I am a guy and don't want "cheesy" poses, what do you suggest? - OR - I don't want to be posed a certain way- what then?

A: I never, let me repeat - NEVER make any senior pose in any way that is not comfortable. In fact that is all I keep saying throughout the session "how about this pose but if you are not comfortable don't do it or you will hate it". (Side note: I do this with just about any sessions except kids because well some will tell me they want the superman pose or princess wave in ALL images) I ask the senior as well as anyone who accompanies them to show me how they normally stand, sit, smile, pose for friends or selfies. Yes, I have also been known to ask to see their Instagram- yup, mid session. Why not? It let's me see how they really pose and it lightens up the mood.


Q: I want an image with my cap and gown but I won't get that until a day or two before graduation - what then?

A: We can do your session and save one or two shots for cap and gown images. I have no problem arranging that whether its outside my home or yours. We can make it happen. I have also split sessions which means half are taken before graduation and half after so that cap and gown can be included.


Q: At what location will my shoot be at?

A: As noted above I reach out to seniors prior to a session to ask what they are wearing and then I suggest locations based on style. I also welcome any suggestions for locations.


Hope this helps all of you graduates!!






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