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February 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have been asked on numerous occasions about makeup and hair artists - if I recommend anyone or know of anyone and I hope to have a couple to recommend soon. I will personally try out their skill and talent before I recommend them and credit will be given to them on images where we work together.


That brings me to another question I often get which is: should I get my hair and makeup done for our session? The answer depends on what your preference is and while I am not a fan of overdoing hair and makeup as well as over editing a person I do believe that a good makeup/hair artist can enhance ones natural beauty. If you know me personally you know I love makeup and appreciate how it can enhance our features even though I am often in workout clothes and without anything more than chapstick and mascara but I’m not the one taking photos right? So, I do recommend that it be professionally applied for special events and if your session is something you consider a special event then yes, you should have your makeup professionally applied. If you are great at applying your own makeup then hey more power to you but if you do need a little assistance in that department I will be working on recommendations to offer to you.


On that note I welcome any artist to contact me if interested in working together be it makeup, hair, props, etc. I am all for empowering other people - there is room for all of our creativity! Happy February!






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