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#1 When I was little I wanted to be an actress, teacher or a police officer. Now, there is NO WAY I would be any of those things.

#2 I am terrified of frogs. Like I will cry, freeze or run. I can’t deal!

#3 I love Friends and Mike & Molly – I can watch reruns of those shows over and over.

#4 I have a real birth date and the one on my birth certificate. I celebrate the one of all my legal documents but on my real birth date (almost a whole month prior) I treat myself!

#5 My favorite holidays are Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love celebrating all the wonderful things we should be thankful for, the birth of Jesus and the silliness that comes with Halloween.

#6 I believe in paranormal activity, ghosts, entities, spirits, etc. I have had my share of events that have convinced me.

#7 I have no real eye color – I’ve asked my optometrist and it is a mix of hazel and green with a tad of grey.

#8 I met my husband when I was 19 years old. Yeah, we have been together for most of our lifetime. (He was 26 and lied about his age by one year so I’d go out with him, like 25 was not older? haha)

#9 I have never been a bridesmaid…..I know right? WTF I would be a blast to have in a bridal party!!!!

#10 I love reading. I stopped for a while when the kids were small and have started up again. There is nothing better than a good book for me.

#11 I love to laugh, to make others laugh. Laughter can cure many things my friends.

#12 I do not know how to swim, I have a phobia of drowning.

#13 I cry at all weddings. There is just such a sweetness about them. Love is such a wonderful emotion and I love when I see that in the couple. Although I never wanted a big wedding and ended up being so stressed over planning that my husband and I eloped to Vegas with our best friends.

#14 I have super curly hair which I have always battled with and straighten out but now that my daughter (who also has curly hair) starting asking if I could straighten hers too I have started to embrace my curls. The last thing I want is to give her an insecurity.

#15 I studied Latin in high school and while I can’t have a conversation I can tell what many words are. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian too.

#16 I can’t play a sport…..like not one. But I’ve always wanted to learn to play softball or basketball.

#17 I always wanted to have a son and a daughter now I have two of each, a son named Jacob and a German Shepherd named Zeus and a daughter named Emily and a Shih Tzu named Chloe.

#18 I curse more than I should or want to…..it’s not pretty but sometimes necessary.

#19 I love forensics- shows about it, articles, etc. It’s so fascinating!

#20 I am a huge cry baby when it comes to stories about human kindness or children. I come off as a tough cookie but am a softy in the inside.



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Running late, can you relate? https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/7/running-late-can-you-relate With everything we all have going on in our lives who hasn't ran late at some point? Sometimes it is life occurrences and other times its just procrastination on our part. This post is a perfect example of that. I blog on the first Sunday of every month but I have been so busy that I ended up blogging a week later. Well friends, when it comes to your photo session day I have learned a thing or two about how to avoid running late which may help. So here are tips for avoiding being late to your photo session:


1) Outfits: needless to say plan these in advance. This should include trying the entire ensemble on - yes with shoes, socks, undergarments, jewelry, etc. It may seem like an unnecessary step but trust me, 9 out of 10 calls or text I receive from clients running late is due to wardrobe malfunctions. It can be the little ones or mom (since we are often thinking of the kids we fail to really put a lot of effort on ourselves). Sometimes it is an outfit we assumed fit a little one. Or couples who chose their outfits without seeing how these two actually look together once they are on. Try it all on, trust me - it is worth the time.


2) Backups: have a back up outfit for little ones. They are active and curious by pretty much everything around them. And while I always commence with the family shot it is often desired to capture some solo shots of little ones. By that point your little one may have ruined the perfect outfit that you cautiously put together for him or her. Prevent an accident ruining a shoot by having a backup outfit for their solo shots which, based on my experience, is usually the one needing replacement. For non family shoots (e.g. couples) have an extra top just in case. I have had a few clients notice a stain or a rip and while these often can be fixed via editing once you know it is there it will bug you.  


3) Necessities: have anything you think you may need. For example: wipes for sticky hands/faces, lip balm for dry lips for males/females alike, makeup for touch ups, lotion for arms and legs (my kid is notorious for having dry knees), water and a snack (kids or adults - no one wants to smile patiently while thirsty or hungry), hair spray (this is the most asked about item by clients, sometimes I have a sample but other times I forget) and toys for little ones - maybe even a reward for smiles (yes, good ol bribes work and I rather you select the snack then I offering something you/your child's diet may not approve of).


4) Time: tell yourself the session is 15 minutes prior to the actual time. Silly you say? Try it. I always tell myself sessions are 30 minutes prior so that I can arrive early. Those of you who have worked with me know that may just be 5-10 minutes early...which therefore made me late to my fake time!


Hope this helps you all when preparing for your sessions.





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Happy Father's Day https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/6/happy-fathers-day I always knew I wanted kids, one maybe two. And I knew the type of dad I wanted for them. Sometimes we take for granted how important dads are because well there is no love like a moms but dads are pretty special too. I wanted my kids to have a dad that protected them, that believed in them, that cared for them more than he cared for himself, that put them first, that thought about them constantly, that smiled as he talked about them, that kissed them goodnight, that spend time with them, that listen to them, that hugged and kissed them, that would rather walk through fire than hurt them…..and I am so incredibly thankful that God put such a man in my path. He jokes around way too much, wears his “dad shoes”, tries to embarrass Emily just for a laugh or two, puts Jacob to work on the yard when he’d rather watch a movie but he adores our kids like I always hoped and imagine he would.


Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Jacob and Emily could not have asked for a better dad, hard working, selfless, caring, kind and humble. Thankful that he gives our kids so many wonderful memories from playing with them, joking around, comforting them and giving them his “dad talks”. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I would’ve loved to have a dad like him so much.


To all the dads out there that are there for their kids, that love and protect them and overall respect their mom - Happy Father’s Day!



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To all the moms in the place with style and grace! https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/5/to-all-the-moms-in-the-place-with-style-and-grace I heard once someone say that being a mom should not be considered an accomplishment but I disagree. Perhaps to grow a human and give birth to him/her may not be seen an accomplishment, especially when the child is not kept, raised or even cared for but being a mom and raising them is. Being someone who your child depends on, trust, knows that she will love and protect him or her no matter what, who listens, cares, guides, comforts, someone who they know would give up her life in a second for them, who sacrifices whatever is needed just for them. Loving another human being more than you love yourself and having your life depend on making them happy, providing for them and helping them become great people THAT is an accomplishment because sadly not all women who give birth accomplish that. It takes a lot of sleepless nights, worried wrinkles, and stomach aches but also a lot of happy tears, a joy so big it makes your heart skip a beat, a love so strong that it amazes you how much you can love and adore these little humans. So yes, it is an accomplishment to be a mom, one that your kids are happy to have, that they see as a super mom, one that they are thankful for. So I am happy to accomplish being the kind of mom who isn’t perfect but whom her kids say I love you and mean it. Kids who say they are happy I am their mom.

So, this Sunday I will be celebrating the blessing of being a mom and the wonderful luck of being my kids' mom. To all you moms sacrificing everything for your kids, loving them, caring and protecting them - Happy Mother’s Day. To the have it all together moms, the losing their sh*t moms, the tired moms, the energized moms, the single moms, the moms with a helpful partner, the rich moms, the poor moms, the ones who gave birth to their children and the ones who gave their hearts even if not birth. It takes a lot to be a mom so today and everyday - may you be appreciated, thanked and acknowledged for all you do. To my mom, regardless of our relationship - thank you for all you sacrificed for my siblings and I. It was not easy and I just wish it would have been easier for you…you deserved better. I love you.

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Loved your images, now what? https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/4/loved-your-images-now-what I overheard a conversation today by two women talking about the family portraits they each took over the holidays. They praised their respective photographers and talked about where they took them and the outfits they chose. Then one of them says "yeah I loved the photos but thought 'I am not printing them all to put them in my home - there are not enough walls' you know?".......actually I do! I thought about how at one point I too thought the exact same thing, even during my first year as a photographer. I didn't print all of the images I took of my children, I would need triple the wall space if not more. Want to know a little secret? I still don't print all the images I take. Sure, I have framed images in my home as well as lovely canvases but I don't display all of the images.


So, now you may be thinking "so she is saying taking photos is a waste of money- right?"- wrong. Taking portraits be it with loved ones, friends or family is never a waste of money. You are investing in something that can't be bought ever again - a frozen memory. A chance to relive that period in your life over and over again. That is something you can't place a value on. But after paying for the photographer to take these lovely photos you are left to ponder what to do with the images. I wanted to share with you some ideas on what I do with images I take of my family and friends.


1) Create image books - for example Instagram Image Books. This is such a cool idea for not only your professional images but your own "artistic" shots. You can mix in professional shots with your regular day to day to make them your own. These are perfect as gifts or just to have in your home/office/purse.


2) Create "Yearbooks". Every January create a hardcover book via your favorite professional online lab with the past years favorite images. Title the book by the year and your family's name or a significant event that occurred that year.


3) Create a calendar with each month consisting of one or more of the images you had taken. I offer clients a year calendar with their favorite image in an 8x10 print during the holidays. This is perfect for the office and serves a double purpose - displays your favorite image and gives you a calendar.


I hope these little ideas help with getting you all thinking outside the "print and frame" box.





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Class of 2018 - how are ya?! https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/3/class-of-2018---how-are-ya What an exciting time for all you seniors, be it High School or College. It's an exciting event and you may want to capture the moment. Seniors are so fun to photograph! I always do my best to make them feel comfortable and at ease so they can be themselves in front of the camera. I am now scheduling senior sessions until May 2018. Most of March & April is full so if interested in a session please contact me as soon as possible to schedule that.


To help you with schedule or planning your session here are the top five questions that I often get regarding senior shoots :


Q: What should I wear?

A: I guess this is where I tell you exactly what to wear right? Wrong - while I can suggest a color scheme no one knows your style like YOU. I encourage multiple outfits (2-4) and incorporating special interest items such as favorite book, club indicator, sport item, etc. You want your senior photos to be of you, and remind you of your high school years right? I reach out to seniors prior to a session to ask what they are wearing and then I suggest locations based on style. To put it in simple terms: wear the outfits that make you feel amazing! I understand parents/guardians may want you in a formal dress ladies or button up shirt and tie fellas which may not be your style. So be sure to incorporate your style with additional outfits.


Q: Should I have my hair and makeup professionally done?

A: Depends. Remember that these are your images. If you want them to be you at your best then just spruce up your look like your usually do for a nice occasion. If you want to be totally glam then go ahead and have your makeup and hair done, why not? It is all up to you.


Q: I am a guy and don't want "cheesy" poses, what do you suggest? - OR - I don't want to be posed a certain way- what then?

A: I never, let me repeat - NEVER make any senior pose in any way that is not comfortable. In fact that is all I keep saying throughout the session "how about this pose but if you are not comfortable don't do it or you will hate it". (Side note: I do this with just about any sessions except kids because well some will tell me they want the superman pose or princess wave in ALL images) I ask the senior as well as anyone who accompanies them to show me how they normally stand, sit, smile, pose for friends or selfies. Yes, I have also been known to ask to see their Instagram- yup, mid session. Why not? It let's me see how they really pose and it lightens up the mood.


Q: I want an image with my cap and gown but I won't get that until a day or two before graduation - what then?

A: We can do your session and save one or two shots for cap and gown images. I have no problem arranging that whether its outside my home or yours. We can make it happen. I have also split sessions which means half are taken before graduation and half after so that cap and gown can be included.


Q: At what location will my shoot be at?

A: As noted above I reach out to seniors prior to a session to ask what they are wearing and then I suggest locations based on style. I also welcome any suggestions for locations.


Hope this helps all of you graduates!!





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Collaborations https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/2/collaborations I have been asked on numerous occasions about makeup and hair artists - if I recommend anyone or know of anyone and I hope to have a couple to recommend soon. I will personally try out their skill and talent before I recommend them and credit will be given to them on images where we work together.


That brings me to another question I often get which is: should I get my hair and makeup done for our session? The answer depends on what your preference is and while I am not a fan of overdoing hair and makeup as well as over editing a person I do believe that a good makeup/hair artist can enhance ones natural beauty. If you know me personally you know I love makeup and appreciate how it can enhance our features even though I am often in workout clothes and without anything more than chapstick and mascara but I’m not the one taking photos right? So, I do recommend that it be professionally applied for special events and if your session is something you consider a special event then yes, you should have your makeup professionally applied. If you are great at applying your own makeup then hey more power to you but if you do need a little assistance in that department I will be working on recommendations to offer to you.


On that note I welcome any artist to contact me if interested in working together be it makeup, hair, props, etc. I am all for empowering other people - there is room for all of our creativity! Happy February!





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Hello 2018! https://hildamedranophotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/1/hello-2018 Well it is officially 2018 - a brand new year!! How wonderful is that? Yes, another year to photograph new things, places and people. I am excited for what is ahead for me personally and business wise.


First thing I want to share is that I am a mom before a photographer so I understand and feel your pain when your session doesn't go perfect. I have a 14 year old son who is over the "let's take photos of you" phase and a 9 year old daughter who on a good day takes lovely photos looking oh so pretty and on bad days cries and screams that she doesn't want to do it (minutes after telling me that she wanted to). So believe me when I say that it is okay for your teen to not want to smile or feel uncomfortable at first or for your little one to smile and then kick and scream for what seems to be random reasons. I feel your pain guys! It is okay, don't get frustrated or embarrassed. I've been through my share of crazy shoots, tantrums, embarrassing moments, etc. This isn't my first rodeo!


I am also a wife who begs the handsome man she married to cooperate with me in family portraits (he is not fond of photos despite being rather good looking). So I feel your pain when husbands at the last minute say never mind I don't want to do it or when kids go crazy mid session they want to call it quits or just aren't having it. It happens, I understand. All's not lost though, there is almost always a way to get a little one to come around (trust me, I have done almost everything- from getting hit in the head when a little one found it funny to white lies about seeing bunnies - yes....sorry to say I did that once out of despair) or a way to make husbands feel comfortable - I vow never to pose him in a cheesy way or make him stand a certain way that makes him cringe.


I aim to make you all feel comfortable with direction but not posing you. Your images should be you at your best not a weirdly posed or over edited version of you (I mean Photoshop can be overdone- believe me, I've seen it). So don't feel bad when your little one throws a tantrum, it has and will happen again. Don't be upset if the family session ends up being you and the kids (I have done that myself when the Mr said no way baby girl I don't want to do it). Speaking of which, I came up with a great way to get my way when it comes to annual family images - I make them a Mother’s Day and Christmas present to mom - this way no one can say no! Sneaky I know! ;)


With having my hands full with my kiddos and their activities my availability is more limited than in prior years. Therefore,  I will remind you all of that and urge you to book sessions as early as possible. I am always honored that you come to me to capture your memories and want to ensure I don't find myself in a situation where I have to turn you away to another photographer.


As always, thank you for the honor of selecting me to capture your images. I truly appreciate it. Until next time!







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